" Business Value and Corporate Sustainability Management in Asia Pacific: Strategies and the Use of Sustainability Accounting "

The challenge associated with balancing the three perspectives of sustainability (the social, the environmental and the economic) is huge and accounting and management academics have played an important role developing tools, highlighting the business case for corporate sustainability, sustainable action and seeking to understand current corporate practice. Despite the increasing popularity and development of sustainability accounting and corporate sustainability management in Asia Pacific, scholars note that there are still limited, lack of academic and practical investigation on antecedents and consequences of corporate sustainability management from sustainability accounting perspective (Lee and Schaltegger, 2018). In particular, we are seeking theoretical and practical approaches to address the roles and strategies of sustainability accounting to support business organizations to integrate corporate sustainability into core business activities, and improving our understanding on antecedents and consequences of implementing corporate sustainability management and strategies in Asia Pacific. To improve our understanding and knowledge, we aim to explore the roles and use of sustainability accounting for corporate sustainability with business cases in Asia Pacific..

Submission deadlines:
10th June 2019
Notification of Acceptance:
16th June 2019
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Conference Tracks

  • The accounting and management aspects of corporate sustainability
  • Roles and contributions of accounting for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Business value and corporate sustainability strategy and implementation
  • Corporate sustainability performance measures with sustainability accounting
  • Pre-conditions and/or post-activities to achieve eco-efficiency
  • The link between corporate sustainability management and firm performance
  • Challenges and opportunities for environmental and sustainability management accounting in Asia Pacific
  • New approaches and innovations in sustainability accounting and its links to sustainability performance measures
  • Cultural relevance in sustainability management accounting
  • Business Cases for Corporate Sustainability with sustainability accounting
  • Economic impact of environmental and social sustainability management
  • Sustainability accounting tools and applications for corporate sustainability management
  • Corporate engagement with the SDGs through accounting, auditing and reporting practices
  • The roles of professional accounting bodies to support corporate sustainability management and SDGs
  • Sustainability strategy and Sustainability accounting practice
  • Involvement of accounting profession in sustainability accounting and management
  • Sustainability reporting and integrated reporting
  • National culture and institutional impacts on corporate sustainability management

Conference Co – Chairs

Professor Ki-Hoon Lee

Ki-Hoon Lee

Professor Ki-Hoon Lee
Griffith Business School
Griffith University (Australia)

Assoc.Prof. DOAN Ngoc Phi Anh

Assoc.Prof. DOAN Ngoc Phi Anh

Assoc.Prof. DOAN Ngoc Phi Anh
University of Economics
The University of Danang (Vietnam)

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Vu Thanh Tu Anh

Dr. Vu Thanh Tu Anh

Dr. Vu Thanh Tu Anh is the Dean of Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management in Vietnam, and a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. Dr. Tu Anh’s primary research interests include economic development, industrial policy, and institutional economics. As the Fulbright School’s Research Director, Dr. Tu Anh leads the Fulbright School’s policy research and analysis efforts and coordinating research teams.

Dr. Roger Burritt

Prof. Dr. Roger Burritth

Dr. Roger Burritt is Honorary Professor, Fenner School of Environment & Society at The Australian National University. He has research interests in environmental and sustainability management and accounting. Roger publishes widely in sustainability accounting, management and en¬vironmental journals, and presents regularly at international conferen¬ces. As a founder member of EMAN – AP

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  • Submission deadlines: 10 June 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance: By 16 June 2019
  • Early Bird Registration: By 10 July 2019
  • EMAN-AP Conference: 12-13 August 2019

Publication Opportunities

Accounting for modern slavery, employees and work conditions in business (Special issue)

Guest Editors:
Dr Katherine Christ, University of South Australia Business School
Professor Dr Roger Burritt, Fenner School of Environment and Society, The Australian National University
Professor Dr Stefan Schaltegger, Centre for Sustainability Management, Leuphana University

Modern slavery and the accounting profession(Special Issue)

Modern slavery issues are gaining greater prominence for contemporary organisations, largely because of increasing public pressure, stakeholder expectations and legislation. Such issues in the field of accounting are directly related to the need for research into the development of awareness, management, communication and accountability processes which includes, but is not limited to, assurance and credibility of disclosures.